• Notice of return to work after the holiday

    Notice of return to work after the holiday

    Dear new and old customers and friends: Happy New Year! Our company has started work normally on February 5, 2023 As everything runs as usual, the company’s main products are furniture hardware products, bathroom, kitchen, furniture, outdoor and so on, all kinds of storage products, can als...
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  • 2023 Spring Festival holiday notice

    2023 Spring Festival holiday notice

    Dear customers,   Thank you for your support and help in 2022 so that we can always strive to do better! I wish you a happy New Year, good health and a prosperous business. Our Spring Festival holiday is from January 15, 2023 to February 4, 2023. No production during the Spring Festival, but...
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  • The household goods are very popular on Amazon

    Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world, and it’s no surprise that they offer a wide selection of household goods. From kitchen appliances to cleaning supplies, Amazon has it all. With their easy-to-use website, customers can quickly find what they need without having to ...
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  • 2023 Household goods industry

    The household goods industry is a rapidly changing and evolving sector that is set to experience a lot of growth in the next few years. By 2023, it is expected to reach $1.2 trillion in global sales, making it one of the largest industries in the world. As technology continues to advance, so too ...
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  • The Best Wine Racks for Your Home

    The Best Wine Racks for Your Home

    The storage holder is made of metal and can be used to store wine bottles. It is a great way to keep wine bottles organized and out of the way. This is a great idea for those who have limited space in their home but still want to enjoy the benefits of having a few bottles on hand. A wine rack can...
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  • China National Day–1ST,October, 2022

    China National Day–1ST,October, 2022

    HISTORY OF CHINESE NATIONAL DAY The beginning of the Chinese Revolution in 1911 brought an end to the monarchical system and catalyzed a democratic wave in China. It was a result of efforts from the nationalist forces to bring about democratic norms. Chinese National Day honors the start of ...
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  • To celebrate the first container shipment of our new “Globalso” platform.

    To celebrate the first container shipment of our new “Globalso” platform.

    Since June 2022, we joined the “Globalso” platform, and our operation platform got the first container order. This is nothing compared to the order we made from Alibaba, but it is a new channel and we are happy about it. This is the shipping picture I want to share.We’re going t...
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  • New products go online

    New products go online

    Coffee Pod Drawer – Black Satin Finish COFFEE POD STORAGE: This extra, extra-large drawer is compatible with K-Cups for the serious coffee drinker. The 5-tier drawer stores up to 90 pods at a time to always be prepared when brewing a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Coffee pods not included. ST...
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  • Internet + China hardware industry

    With the continuous advancement of economic globalization and the transfer of manufacturing in the international market, China has become a major hardware CNC processing country and an export power. With a broad consumer market and rich resource environment, China’s hardware industry is boo...
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  • Move Factory in 2022

    Move Factory in 2022

    Due to the expiration of the factory plant in Panyu, Guangzhou, the renewal rent has risen sharply, and the labor here is also rising, which makes us more and more pressure to survive, we have to consider moving the factory out. In the month of July or August in 2022, we...
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  • Advanced 2D, 3D Automatic Wire Bending Machine

    In recent years due to the increasingly fierce price competition in our industry, if a factory wants to achieve good development, they must carry out industrial upgrading, eliminate some old high-energy consumption equipment, buy advanced automatic and intelligent equipm...
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  • Introduce several methods to identify the material of stainless steel

    Our factory provides high-quality bathroom racks, kitchen accessories, fruit basket, wine rack, paper holder, coffee capsule holder, wire mesh basket, trolley rack, desk organizer, magazine rack, pet cage, display storage rack etc. Some of the products are using stainles...
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